On Joining The Kampala Food Network


My discovery of the Kampala Food Network on Facebook has allowed me to share my love for food, with fellow foodies.

Each day has challenged me to pull out a new recipe, or try something different. I particularly love the posts featuring our local dishes made with a sort of twist. I am still learning how to make the perfect chapatti then slowly graduate to mandazi.

Pictures posted are filter-free with authentic Ug food- well some of it, which is either well received or mocked and laughed at. They’re a crazy bunch…

Baking took me a while to maneuver, and I came across some pictures from my previous baking sessions.


One of these pictures was well received on the Kampala Food Network, so I clearly had to share it in.

It’s safe to say I’m getting better each day as a learner. I can’t wait to share with you guys some cool icing tricks I’ve been trying out. I’m having fun!


I’ve not done any baking lately, but this is all going to change with the rainy season. Tea and cupcakes! Hmmmm





There has been an increase in my followers on the blog and Twitter this week- oh the joy! To all you amazing readers, I  truly appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. I’m learning so much, exploring my creativity and beginning to truly enjoy my passion.

Have a treat-filled weekend!


  • I have to say it is an amazing community. Cant wait to see what you share! 🙂

    • Misskaren

      Thank you Sophie! I need to see sone of your awesome work on the group….

  • Those cupcakes look delish and they have just made me hungry!

    • Misskaren

      Ha ha! Then my work here is done…thank you Lungi 🙂

  • These cupcakes look really good! I wish I could bake as good as you 🙂 xx


    • Misskaren

      Aaaaw, thanks a lot Naeun, I wish I had your chic sense of style! Keep up those posts coming,xxx

  • I know those cakes so well.. Take me back to Uganda please! Feeling nostalgic NOW! I want some.

    Are you Uganda?

    • Misskaren

      Lol! Yes, I’m a Ugandan.

        Well it’s nice to meet you Karen. You have to tell me some awesome places I NEED to see in Uganda. It sucks that I am a tourist in my own country but maybe that’s not abad thing? LOL

  • jenny

    Can I join follow wit posts, plizzzzz

    • Misskaren

      Hi Jenny, Yes you can.
      Kindly follow the blog for updates 🙂