It’s Not Just The Wind In My Hair, It’s Creme Of Nature With Argan Oil


Happy Friday beauties,

Just to catch you up, it’s close to two months into my recently retouched hair where I used Dr.Miracle, detailed in my last hair post. Lately I’m happier about the texture and feel of my hair. Talk about manageable! My natural hair is thick and curly. I was looking through some old photos of my hair yesterday and realized that from the time I permed/relaxed it bone-straight, there hasn’t been a change in it’s length. I’m talking years people, years!



It was such a pain that my hair didn’t seem to be growing any faster than I’d hoped, till I realised I was fretting for nothing. There’s always a way to work with what you have. Having longer strands of hair isn’t nearly as amazing as having thick, healthy and bouncy hair. Okay maybe I still wish my hair was slightly longer but my primary focus is to give my hair the best care I can afford. My days with experimenting on styles and overly-hyped products are behind me. My new regimen is pretty simple. I’ve discovered more natural ingredients, like coconut, castor oil and olive oil.

Which brings me to my most recent find, this Leave-In-conditioner by Creme of nature with Argan oil. My hair has been thanking me after using this for the last month.

I got this from Tuskys in Ntinda at 45,000Ugx. Which so far, has been worth it, depending on how long it lasts… 3 months should be great 🙂




Another great treatment I’m glad I’ve stuck with is ORS  Hair Mayonnaise, which I use every other week.


Mayonnaise has played a huge role in moisturizing and strengthening my hair. It contains whole egg protein and olive oil which has restored, renewed/ refreshed my hair during these sunny days. It works wonders on damaged hair. After using it for over a year now, I can assure you it’s the ish!  😉 Have you tried it out?

It’s important to look out for the fakes on the market though… I usually buy mine from a beauty and cosmetics shop in Ntinda at Apex House. My mum, Tasha and I trust them completely.




On most days, my hair is in a boring bun, which I need to switch up to perhaps more loose styles so it can breathe. Taking these shots with super talented Sydney Makaraka was so much fun, especially with the wind being so kind to me, lol!

I’m still struggling with breakage and hunting down more natural oils or ingredients. Please share any recommendations in the comments below. I’d love to hear what works for you!

Have a great hair day 🙂



  • Whip your hair back and forth, girl! 😉 Looks like those products are keeping your hair nice and healthy.
    xo! J.Frost

    • Misskaren

      Ha ha, Thank you J. They sure are. Giving me that extra bounce I needed 😉

  • Nicely written 🙂

    • Misskaren

      Nivea hun, how are you? Thanks for reading. Have a great day! xxx

      • I m doin great.. 🙂 hope you are in good health… have not seen you from a while…

        • Misskaren

          I’ve been great thanks. Just came from the Easter holidays 🙂 I’m happy to be back

  • Want my hair to grow too so will definitely try out those products..lovely post

    • Misskaren

      Thank for reading Samy, you definetly need to try them out, I’m loving the results with my hair so far 🙂

  • I have and use this all of the time.

    • Misskaren

      Hey Tamara, glad to hear you do 🙂

  • Your hair is too AMAZEBALLS, I wish I had hair like that.. This reminds me, lol, My bazungu friends find the word hair mayonnaise hilarious and I´m like… What´s funny.
    I don´t get it. lol
    have a wonderful day beaut

    • Misskaren

      Heeey Dana, great to hear from you as always 🙂
      Ha ha! your bazungu friends must think you’re crazy…
      thanks for you kind words.

  • I hope it is not a fake. Argan oil is mainly hand-made from threes that grow only in Marocc. I am therefore very suspicious to see it sold in large volumes for small prices. Recently I saw it at the Oxford street Primark store given away at the counter for 1 pound sterling. I think it was simply cheap motor oil aliquoted in 20 ml glass tubes.

    • Misskaren

      Hey Broken Radius, I hear you on the fakes on the market. It is indeed sad. I however am 100% certain I got the right oil. Thanks for dropping by 🙂