Kampala PhotoMarket; Walls Of Unmasked Beauty


Hey guys,

It’s Friday already? Rather finallyyy, so there’s no better time than now to share with you about my exciting week. I got to attend the first edition of the Kampala Photo market at Yasigi Beer garden hosted by the Pearl Guide Uganda.

Myself and several other photography lovers were awestruck by the beauty of lined photos displayed on the walls, speaking volumes to each of us in different ways.


The brains behind the concept of the event is Masiika Christine, a photographer herself, who managed to reach out to some of her equally passionate friends with help from her colleagues at the Pearl Guide Uganda. In her remarks about the event, she said…

DSC_0069 (1)

“I got the idea early last year after I failed to find a suitable home or place to sell my framed photos without the owner being a bit too exploitative as far as commission percentages are concerned. I couldn’t get it running right away because I didn’t have a credible foundation that would represent the whole idea but lucky for me, I have been completing a short internship at The Pearl Guide Uganda and while there I shared with my team and they understood the vision right away and agreed to work on it with me.”

DSC_0024 (1)

Here’s a link to her blog.

In the future however participation is open to any creative mind with a camera that meets the standard in order to have as many photographers as possible. “We hope to have Kampala Photo Market held At least 3 times a year, the goal being; to provide a credible platform for photographers to sell contemporary photos.” Said Christine.





And guess who was one of the photographers that displayed his work? Mohsen Taha whose work you’ll be seeing more of, on my blog as well as Instagram and Facebook. His unique pieces in black and white tell a story of the everyday life in Kampala. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with his work as much as I did. When I first met with Mohsen to discuss the possibility of working with him, I found that he had not only passion but appreciation for the things around him. An admirable trait not many possess.

Mohsen is one of many talented photographers. I can’t wait to meet more at the the next Kampala photo market…

DSC_0076 (1)

I also got to meet his beautiful wife, Didi 🙂 With a few other friends.







DSC_0033 (1)

Darlyn Komukama the editor at Pearl Guide Uganda giving a speech, also one of the talented photographers that displayed her work.



DSC_0061 (1)

I also got to meet Charlie a.k.a Denzel from Urban TV…


He wasn’t too happy about having a cool co-host outshine him.

DSC_0039 (1)







I hope you enjoyed reading this as much I enjoyed reliving it. Do let me know how your week has been.

Have a happy Easter family,



  • Wow! Great read!

    • Misskaren

      Thanks for reading Nikon Ambassador 🙂 You made it worth-while

  • I love the photo of the man and woman entwined. So captivating! It sounds like a great event Karen. Hopefully the photo market will continue!

    • Misskaren

      Thanks Sandy, the entire market was amazing. It’s definitely set to continue, so I can’t wait to attend & see what our great photographers display

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  • I’m impressed. This was rather well written. You earned yourself a new subscriber!

    • Misskaren

      Ha ha! Hey Denzel, Thank you! welcome on board. I’m still waiting on my cut for co-hosting…

  • great idea! I hope it goes over well and keeps growing.

    • Misskaren

      Hey Capt Jill,
      I’m glad you enjoyed it. I hope it keeps growing too so I’ll have plenty to share 🙂

  • Karen, allow me to thank you again for attending and covering this the way you did. Lets make it a habit for all the Kampala Photo markets to come 🙂

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    I absolutely love the first photo. It’s like sexuality without embarrassment. I totally get it.

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      Thanks Clueless 20’s this picture spoke volumes!