My Big Chop, Naturally



I did it! I walked into the saloon where John my hair dresser, who loved and took great care of my hair, begged me not to, but I did anyway! It’s been two weeks since I chopped off all my relaxed hair. I asked him to shave off the relaxed hair and leave my natural hair (which was about an inch). And so begins my natural hair journey after having relaxed/straight hair for over 10 years. I thought I’d transition into natural hair, but the temptation to get it retouched was overwhelming. Before I continue, I must warn you that this will be a lengthy post with some strong feelings about my hair.

Vast amounts of relaxed hair were lost in the making of this post.


I feel that my hair became a large part of what defines my beauty which is why I loved it so much, paid for countless products to have it healthy and bouncy. I then started to fall out of love with it, when it turned brown, started breaking and lost beautiful it’s thickness. It had become tiring having to deal with my growth and the way it looked after a few months.


Growing up for me, there’s a stage in life, where we were allowed to finally treat our hair after having it natural as kids, which sort of initiated you to look after your hair and do whatever you please with it.

One of the reasons I love natural hair so much now, and will grow it out with pride is that it can be worn in so many unique styles.


My hair is extremely thick. Thickness was a bad thing for me as a child, especially having it combed in the morning as we hurriedly prepared for school. For the first time I’m thrilled to really love and look after my thick natural hair.

I never really appreciated that thickness until now as a grown up. In Kampala, the past 2 years have seen more women embrace their natural hair. Today at least 3 or more women in a crowd will have their natural hair short or in braids. A trend I’m pumped jump onto at this point in my life.

I would rather have as it is-regardless of how it looks to love and take care for it in the best way I can, eliminating the saloon drama. The media I feel has started to have more celebrities like Solange Knowels, Corinne Bailey Rae, Viola Davis, Janelle Monae and Ava DuVarney that are embracing their natural hair, a bold and inspirational move.


And my friends who have it at this short length I have right now are rocking it. All hair types require time and dedication to achieve healthy hair goals.


Why I Said Yes to Natural Hair

  1. I love my natural hair! That’s it- I’m not taking a stand against treated/straight hair in anyway.
  2. For that amazing sensation when I wash my hair in the morning and smell fruity all day. Water will finally be my friend, since it’s an essential to moisturizing natural hair. I can’t describe how great it felt those first few days when I wasn’t afraid to stand under the shower, shower cap-less lol!
  3. For the joy of not having to go the saloon so much anymore, plus enjoy more styles especially afro kinky braids. I also hated dryers and I wouldn’t mind never seeing one ever again
  4. Be adventurous-this is the most daring I’ve been with my hair
  5. Going natural, is something I’ve always wanted to do
  6. It’s a trend right now, that requires boldness
  7. With this current hair cut there have been less guys tilting their heads when I strut by or check me out (compared to when I have my hair out) which I don’t mind at all
  8. Do guys think straight hair is sexier than curly hair? I guess this means he’ll have to appreciate my hair as is from now on…if not, move along.
  9. I feel empowered to look after my hair without saloons
  10. It’s time the world appreciates the beauty in natural hair. There’s a huge natural hair community and I’m so glad to finally be a part of it.


Hmmmm Natural Hair

  1. Means I have to answer more questions as to why I made the change
  2. I’ll miss the feeling of length after retouch
  3. The constant urge to grow it longer, or try out a new style
  4. Products won’t always turn out to be what I hoped they’d be
  5. Taking this too serious! I’m not joining some movement against treated hair but simply trying to enjoy my natural hair after having it relaxed for ages
  6. Trying new styles may not turn out as expected
  7. Okay, I lied about number 7 above ( maybe I mind a little )
  8. Being consistent with my new hair care regime (need to create new hair regime)
  9. Not going back to treated hair, no matter how un-manageable my hair gets
  10. Getting everyone to understand that we are all beautiful black women with our straight/treated or natural hair


The Reactions So Far:

Of course with every new look or hairstyle come people’s remarks. Here are some comments I’ve gotten these last few days from my friends, who are mostly perplexed, weirdly-angry, shocked and confused ;

  • “Yo Karen, the last time I saw you, you had hair!” Maurice
  • “Now why would you cut your hair!? There must be something you’re not telling us.” Affi
  • “But what’s with you chicks and cutting off all your hair!” Nikita
  • “Karen what happened, did you have lice?” Emma
  • “Hmmm kyoka Karen, you know I hadn’t even recognized you.” Debbie
  • “Oh my gosh you cut your hairrrrr!” Esther, Brenda, Belinda, Agatha and Carol


I know caring for it won’t always be fun and easy, but I believe going back to being natural has in some way given me liberation and strength.

If you’re thinking about cutting your hair, let me know so we can brace this journey together. If you’ve recently cut it, or have natural hair, I’d be happy to learn how you maintain it.

Stay beautiful,



  • Good for you….do what you love! 🙂

    • Misskaren

      Thank you Linda! I’m glad I finally decided to take a new hair journey 🙂
      Are you having a great weekend?

      • Yes! Are you?! 🙂

        • Misskaren

          I am thanks!

      • You are absolutely gorgeous!! We need to see u check more natural beauties like you #Lupita

        • Misskaren

          Heey Storm, thank you! Hope your week went great!

  • You look stunning and I think your hair cut choice was a good one. I can’t wait to see it as you go along your ‘hair journey’ 😀

    • Misskaren

      Thank you hun,
      I’m so excited to grow it out! Feels refreshing to start over 🙂 Have a great day.

  • Welcome to the natural community! You will not regret it, although it may be frustrating at times. If your looking for a place to get started, I just did a blog post on Natural Hair 101. Feel free to check it out!
    You got this 🙂

    • you’re

    • Misskaren

      Thank you so much😌😌 Natalie, I will definitely check this post out. Should be a great place to start. You’re too kind!

  • You’re so beautiful!


  • Yay! Congrats on the big chop. You look so beautiful. : )

    • Misskaren

      Thank you! 🙂 I’m enjoying your blog…

  • Hello Karen! I’m new to your blog, and I’m loving it already. Congrats on the big chop, you’re rocking it! I’ve been natural for the last 3 years and it’s such a freeing, rewarding journey.

    I also founded a natural organic handmade line of products for Afro-textures, and I’d love for you to try and review some samples. Do check us out on facebook at The Good Hair Collective, and leave us a message if you’re interested 🙂
    Happy hair journey!

    • Misskaren

      Hey Charlyn,
      Thank you so much for you reading! I’m pumped to have you on board. You had me at natural…. I’d be delighted to try out some of The Good hair collective products. You’ll hear from me soon, have a great weekend 🙂

  • You look gorgeous! So glad you’re loving short hair ♡

    • Misskaren

      Hi Bapalaya 🙂 🙂 I am. Thank you!
      Hope you’re enjoying the weekend.

  • Congratulations on your big chop! Such a bold move… I love the creamy crack too much to even think about going natural.. Lol. I’m sure this journey will make for a great read. 🙂

    • Misskaren

      Ha ha! Thank you Liz, I plan on bringing you along. You have beautiful hair. Waiting on your post about protective styles 😉

  • Wow – that was very brave of you!!! At one point in my life I will have to cut my hair very short as well, but I don’t feel ready yet 😉 It’s scary to think about it 😉 You look gorgeous with your short natural hair, and your pictures are fabulous!!! Wear it proudly and don’t mind any bad comments you might get – these would be from jealous people 😉 Well done !!!

    • Misskaren

      Hi Karla 🙂
      Yes, do cut it only when you are completely ready, otherwise you might end up regretting. I have no regrets so I’m not bothered about people’s negative reactions. Thank you so much, hope you’ve had a wonderful week! xx

  • joan

    Karen….Finally!! congrats on the big chop. I actually thought you wouldn’t go through with it. Hahaha @no.7 I get a lot of head tilts when I wear my hair out as compared to braids especially when it is an afro. and it is always a conversation starter. hehehe. I will say that enjoy every stage of the natural hair, u will miss it when your hair grows.

    • Misskaren

      Hi sweetie, thaank you!! Btw, you were a great motivator and inspiration, I’m thrilled I finally did it. I can’t wait to get to your length- for now i’m washing it every second and trying to see which short style looks best. xx

  • Yeaye! Go Karen! am also on a natural hair journey :-)!#ayearnaturalnow #teamnaturalhair

    • Misskaren

      Racheal!!! How are you doll? Really? I had no idea 🙂 So it’s you, me & Dorcus… Let’s persuade Betty! Yay #teamnatural

  • LOVE! You look beautiful, so happy for you.

    • Misskaren

      Thanks my dear! Except me on your blog more often 🙂

  • I’ll be in K’la in a couple of weeks, coming for a long weekend from the 30th of July – 3 August. we should meet.

    • Misskaren

      Hey Tim! Great, email me and we can schedule a meet 🙂

  • You’re in fur quite a ride and it’s worth it. Enjoy your journey!

    • Misskaren

      Tell me about it Tina. First let me say, I LOVE your hair!
      So glad I have naturals like you to guide me 🙂 xxx

  • It looks beautiful! Have fun and enjoy your new freedom…

    • Misskaren

      Thank you Laura 🙂 Have an awesome weekend!

  • You look Beautiful!

    • Misskaren

      Thank you 🙂

  • You are seriously killing it here! Loved the post as much as your new hair. I think natural and untouched hair is always the best on any girl and I look forward to going on your hair journey with you 🙂 xx

    • Misskaren

      🙂 Naeun How are you doing?
      Thank you so much, I’m excited to share my natural journey…
      Have a fab weekend,xxx

  • Gorgeous!!! ❤️


    • Misskaren

      Thank you,xxx

  • I love your hair! All the best with your natural hair journey

    • Misskaren

      Hi Lungi, Thank you, I love your relaxed hair!

  • Your hair looks amazing. Be proud of it! Number 8 is haaard! I have set myself to a one product in one product out rule. Otherwise, I wouldn’t fit in my bathroom anymore.

  • You are beautiful. For me, natural hair now means grey, and It’s a more natural me. I still get the comments after 10 years, but most of them are “I wish I could do that.”

  • I wish I could cut mine! I just like to be able to put my hair in a pony tail when I don’t want to be bothered with it. These days (after 12 months of transitioning) I can even wear a puff, which inspired me to cut off 3-4 inches of relaxed ends since I wear a puff every day. Only 3-4 more inches to go!

  • Looks absolutely beautiful on you! Good call 🙂 x

    • Misskaren

      Thank you so much Ruby! xxx

  • I shaved my hair off 4 years ago- never looked back! It’s so awesome and freeing! Congrats!

    • Misskaren

      Thank you! It truly is. Amazing to meet someone that has been there 🙂

      • I feel far more confident bald. Not expected since many times a woman’s beauty is connected to her hair.

  • Yay for the natural hair x
    Beautiful x

  • Pheonah O

    Yes. I am thinking of going natural big time.
    Just waiting to wrap my head around the idea

    P.s check out #WeNaturals on fb, twitter, IG, Pinterest. and #JenellBStewart her blog is super duper cool.

    • Misskaren

      Hi Pheonah hun, thank you! Just what I needed. I will check them out right away. And about going natural, please do so only when you’re 100% sure otherwise go for it girl! One of the best decisions I’ve made in 2015. Have a great week,xx

  • Go Girl!

    • Misskaren

      Thaanks Kydee ^_ ^