Taking Stock 10!



It’s going to be a sweet September! Come on, say it with me IT’S GOING TO BE A SWEET September! Yeah, that’s the spirit 🙂 So about last month’s goals, here’s an honest account of what I managed to achieve;

Goal 1- Great progress

Goal 2- Very little progress, I see sweets and go crazy

Goal 3- No progress, as I’m failing to find time to myself

Goal 4- Steady progress

An oh-so wise Ms. Laura suggested that I take on 1 goal each month, so as to build it into a habit. I loved that idea so much that decided to give it a try- thank you so much Laura! 🙂

This month my goal is to keep up with my exercise and try to eat healthy. What are some of your goals?

Making: silly faces in the mirror has cheered me up

Cooking Eating: a bowl of cereal with way more milk than I needed

Drinking: more water to help with this headache

Reading: about ways to relieve itchy braids

Wanting: a change of scenery somewhere far faar away…yeah, I have a serious case of wanderlust

Looking: to buy a helmet after I fell off a “boda-boda” last week, in the middle of Acacia road Kololo, in the 5:00pm traffic jam. It was ridiculous the way we both fell off because the guy wasn’t speeding, but was trying to squeeze his way in and was jolted by a small water truck. I’m so glad I didn’t panic and managed to get off in one piece!

Deciding:  that listening to this Lifehouse album as I work is mandatory, I absolutely love them!

Wishing: decisions in this establishment were made and implemented a little faster – waiting is so frustrating sometimes but I guess that’s the way it is

(Appreciating)Enjoying: my new office space; where there are less interruptions and I’m able to concentrate on my tasks

Waiting: to get home and take a long bath then a much needed nap

Liking: that I see some beautiful cows on my way to work and while I’m walking along the road these days

Wondering: why there are so many cows grazing on my side of town lately and if I should buy one

Loving: that I get to spend time with the most adorable little pup named Sola –he was adopted by my 3 amazing workmates/friends Hege, Sebastian and Anders who were so kind to give him a home (snapped here after he had just woken up)


Pondering: whether to leave my bedroom windows open tonight so I’m not melting under the covers tonight

Considering: saying less in some situations and listening more

Watching: old episodes of Parks and recreation, failing to see what my sister said about seeing a bit of me in Leslie Nop (whom I love btw)

Hoping: that my awfully sick uncle will be feeling better by the time we go visit him this weekend

Marvelling: at God’s amazing wisdom

Cringing: at this annoying little thing on the side of my finger nail

Questioning: whether this is meant to be

Following: a fascinating documentary about the goliath frog, which is mostly in Nigeria,

Noticing: I set extremely high life and career goals/dreams, which seem harder and harder to achieve in reality

Knowing: it’s okay to set these goals and make steady progress…

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Thinking: SO much! About many things all at the same time

Admiring: Bisila Bokoko whom I discovered in a Forbes Africa article, ‘Everyone told me I was crazy’ she makes wine with an African accent in Spain and sells it to China. She described starting her own company as a risk with no regrets… I’m so inspired

Feeling: slightly more motivated, after listening to other people’s experiences. I wish people would share more

Snacking: on roasted binyebwa

Have a sweet sweet September,


  • congratulations, your blog it’s fantastic! really 😉

  • Beautiful post!. I love your blog

    • Misskaren

      Thank you so Mercy, That’s such a delight to hear. Have a beautiful day.

      • You are welcome. Have a beautiful day too.

  • How to get rid of itchy braids : one part apple cider vinegar, three parts water, soak braids in water for approx a minute before removing them and letting them air dry. Apple cider vinegar gets rid of alkaline lye which normally comes with braids to keep them in top condition before you wear them. 😉

    • Misskaren

      Thaaank you Joan, I’d actually tried Apple cider vinegar with warm water earlier in the week. Will have to try this again. Thank you so much!

  • I always love reading your monthly posts! You live on the other side of the word yet I feel like I know you 🙂 I hope you’re okay from that accident and your uncle gets better too. The puppy is so adorable! And how good is Lifehouse? I can’t find a song of theirs I don’t like xx

    • Misskaren

      Aaaaw, i’m over-joyed to hear this Naeun as I too feel like we’re just friends that live miles apart and get to check in sometimes 🙂 Thanks I’m great, and hoping for the best for my uncle. Lifehouse are amazing! It’s SO true, like 99.9% of the songs on their albums are faves for me too! Enjoy the weekend,xx

  • So many ideas…. Youthful energy. I’m not sure whether my lack of goals is because being middle aged, living in a rural area where the seasons govern much of what we do (mostly harvesting the garden and perserving food for winter meals, currently, here in N. America), or following the requests of others who determine what ends up on the calendar. Hmmmm. Goal: catch up on blog folks, when not participating in activities with closer proximity.

  • Its my birthday month, so I’m claiming a sweet September too! 🙂 Love your head wrap.

    • Misskaren

      Thank you Conesha xx 🙂 Have amazing birthday month my dear! I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time the Bahamas…

  • So sorry about the boda boda fall. It has happened to me more than once before!
    Also I agree with sharing experiences.