Cooking Competition Finale; A Millet And Sorghum Show-Off





Happy feast-season everyone, I’m certain you’re in the middle of planning for your office parties, end of year events or just planning to take leave!

This has to be my favorite time of the year, mainly because there are several events I get to attend. Which brings me to the Cooking Competition which you might remember I told you all about here. Being the reliable food-journalist, I was on time at the Golf Course Hotel to report in lengthy detail, what transpired.


From about 10:00 am, the event was opened by Chef Henry who ushered us to the various tables that had a variety of sorghum and millet products. I walked in not nearly prepared for the creativity from the chefs and innovators, who truly made me appreciate these two ingredients a whole lot more!




We each got to taste Wine made from Sorghum, made by the Noble International Partners, who explained the processes i making it. There was also a special guest, Mr. Alhajji Jallow the Food and Agricultural Organisation Country Representative who attended the dinner later in the evening. Dr. Julius Gatune – Senior Policy and Research Advisor (ACET) and his team coordinated the day’s activities.

Our four Judges were;

  1. Dr. Yusuf Byaruhanga – Lecture at Makerere University Department of Food Science and Technology
  2. Dr. Paul Kasenene – Nutritionist and Managing Director at WellCare
  3. Mr. Mark Matsiko – Uganda Industrial Research Institute
  4. Mr. Robert Mulandi – Executive Chef at Golf Course Hotel




For my fave meal of the day, I tried these crunchy amazing Millie breakfast cereals made using 100% sorghum, made by student innovators Samuel Kiprotitch and Maureen Mwesigye.




For many bushera-lovers, there was plenty in all sizes made by Kirunga group.


We also got special Kitchen-passes that allowed us access to watch the Chefs in action for the mouth-watering display in their different categories. I tried to jot down as many recipes as I could!



Chefs make everything look so easy..





The judges and food were ready just in time for a flood of us with our cameras ready to snap away (you best believe I was at the front line fighting urges not to dig in!)



The winning professional chefs were Timothy Wandula, who was 2nd runner up.

He made Clear Veg and sorghum soup as a starter, steamed sorghum rice with chicken curry and a millet burger with fries and for dessert, a Crepe Suzette and Garden Sorghum salad.



Titus Timothy was the runner up. He made an Avacado Salad with millet sticks , 1000 ISLAND
Dressing Chicken Olarndo served with sorghum panadols Millet mallows


And the winner was Robert Byansi, who wowed the judges with a Sorghum & millet salad as a starter, Sorghum,millet & chicken soup Zanza fish Acconied by millet Bread (kalo) then Millet victoria sponge cake for dessert.


All the chefs did created beautiful meals!






I’m delighted to have been a part of this amazing event! Doesn’t this just make you hungry?



  • Deb

    Everything looks so elegant and delicious.

    • Misskaren

      Ikr! It was superb Deb…I can’t wait to attend the next one

  • Looks like you had fun with the added treat that everything was delicious!! 🙂

    • Misskaren

      I did Linda 🙂 thanks! Happy holidays, I’m excited to see what ur cooking!

      • Happy Holidays to you as well Karen! (My sister and I decided to honor Jesus by taking Christmas Day off!) 🙂 🙂

  • Gosh I’m so hungry!! I need me some of this!
    Great writing Karen

    • Misskaren

      Haha! Thanks, I know how you feel MamaKla 🙂

  • Everything looks so good! So glad this event happened. There truly is so much more to sorghum and millet.

    • Misskaren

      There really is! So sad that you missed out on this Sophie, you’re one of the most amazing chefs I know! Your blog manages to make me hungry each time I visit. .. I’m hoping you’ll join for the next competition. Happy holidays 🙂

  • Looks like this was a lot of fun

  • Looks very Yummy… 🙂

  • This is wild and mouthwatering. I feel so low class that I can’t recognize anything… but I still recognize that it looks delicious! I neeeeeeeed some of this food!

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