Exploring Kingfischer Kichwamba




IMG_2138Our next destination after Queen Elizabeth was Kingfischer Kichwamba a spot that has been around for a while (I think) with a huge tree nesting countless singing birds ushering us in at the gate.



The road leading to Kingfischer is in a terrible condition, though thankfully we didn’t have to drive in the dark or rain as  it started to rain as soon as we drove into the parking. I had spoken to a gentleman who was extremely helpful and welcoming.

We spent the evening in our rooms as it was pouring outside, but awestruck by the amazing Rift valley views at the balcony of our rooms. I imagined the most talented writers spending their mornings here in a chair, gazing to find creative inspiration.



The next morning as Agnes went for a run, I was strapped into my camera ready to explore! I fell in love with the magnificent view from the swimming pool, the cozy huts dressed in leaves perfect to relax under with a refreshing drink.





We ordered lunch (I had a yummy fish burger) which came just in time after hours in the pool. Most of the day was spent relaxing at the pool, reading a book, taking in the breath-taking view. We achieved ultimate repose here for sure.



It was extremely easy to drift away with the fresh breeze, everything was calm and our cottages felt like home, with comfortable beds and a shower with hot water!





The dining area allowed for us to meet other travelers, who were on their way but seemed to have one wish in common with us…that they could spend just one more night!




At Kingfischer, we found a peaceful, relaxing haven that we will each carry in our memories for days to come; as we dive back into our daily routines at work. The staff was so jolly and helpful and we were grateful that were really attentive. Have you been to this sweet spot? I’d love to hear your experience! You can also enjoy a similar discounted offer as I did using this code:The Chocolaty Experience

Happy weekend,


  • Absolutely beautiful!

    • Misskaren

      Thank you so much Clare 🙂

  • Hi Karen!

    What a sensational post! I love it—the photos and the descriptive narrative! No, I haven’t experienced that Sweet Spot, but I hope to visit one day soon. I’ve vacationed at Breezes Resort and absolutely loved it! In honesty, I felt very much at home while on the island!

    You and your pictures are lovely! Congrats on such a lovely blog!


    • Misskaren

      Hey Claudia, thank you SO much! I truly appreciate you 🙂 Breezes Resort sounds fantastic, I can only imagine! I’d love to vacation on an Island soon…
      Have a great day!

      • Morning Karen!
        You are truly welcome and worthy! I am with you! I’d LOVE to vacation on an island for two weeks to a month—writing, blogging, vlogging, photographing and chatting with people! And making money while I sleep…spring from my passions! Now that is loving on purpose, in your true intent!
        Thanks so much and you do the same!

  • Wow! The views looks amazing!


    • Misskaren

      They are Chelsea, I can’t wait to go back 🙂
      Have an excellent week!