brunching out at Le Chateau


It’s been a while since we last went on a food adventure- Tasha and I. So Le Chateau’s Brunch and bubbly was where we decided to go this Sunday, after hearing good reviews from our friends.

We arrived a little later than we had planned, at 2pm. Thankfully, we were still in good time to enjoy most of the culinary offerings on the menu.

The serene atmosphere makes for the perfect place to spend your Sunday with friends and loved ones, catching up on the week or in this case Month. This brunch is every last Sunday of the month, with a different menu each edition.

I feel that this 6th edition, we attended was the best yet, after speaking with the Chef, who remarked on how happy people looked giving off positive vibes all round 🙂

Chef Ernest a.k.a Ernesto and I had a brief chat about their menu which consisted of options for vegetarians, meat lovers and those looking to have a healthier option.

Here’s a peek at the menu that day;

  • Cold selection: Tuna Salad on tomatoes, Chicken salad in bamboo boats, egg yellow mousse, avocado salad +shrimp in glasses, smoked fish, beef roast and steamed salmon
  • Hot section: Baked whole turkey, chicken cordon bleu, chicken meat loaf, Tilapia water zooi
  • Accompaniments: potatoes croquettes, mashed potatoes and fresh baked potatoes and steamed plantain
  • Sauces: Provençale sauce, mushroom sauce, onion sauce and pepper sauce
  • Dessert: Ice cream in waffle cookie cups(strawberry and cream cheese), apple cake, French macrons, crepe with chocolate sauce, fruit salad, mini eclairs, crème Brule in glass and chocolate mouse

My highlight was the Belgium Rolex, made with a twist using a farmer’s omelette. I also loved the refresher mint juice they served at the end of our meal, to let the food settle and give you extra refreshment before you head out…

Overall, this was an enjoyable experience Le Chateau gives off trendy vibes in a great atmosphere with their dope resident Dj! An amazing way to spend many of our Sundays to come..

Have you been to brunch lately? Where? What were your favourite menu picks?

Have a great day,



  • Wowwww loved everything you shared here!!!
    Have a beautiful day my dear :)))
    Hadasah Love ||

  • Haven’t been yet but I definitely will in the months to come! Xx

    • It had been on my list for a while now… glad I finally went 🙂 have a great day!xx

  • Estrella

    Wow! Everything sounds absolutely amazing. Reminds me of the brunches in Italy, where they would have a whole slew of things, not just typical American breakfast items. The pictures are making me hungry! haha

    • Oh nice thank you so much! I followed your Italian adventures and hope to someday visit… you guys made me fall in love with Italy 🙂

      • Estrella

        Aww I’m so happy to hear that. Hope you do get to visit one day!

  • Ham Tumwine

    i should have done this last sunday! now ive missed it. no birthday brunch then…..heard it was all about the wine last week..haha