taking stock 25

As I reflect on September and the previous months, I felt that a great way to start a new month was to revive my ”Taking Stock Series” Here is what has been going on since I last took stock in January. How have the past few months been going for you?

Making : smaller To-do lists and trying to stick to them as things often pile up

Cooking Eating: Plain Yoghurt, which I’m hoping will fill me up all day

Drinking : a medium sized bottle of water *pats back

Reading: Figuring Out Foreigners, A practical guide by Craig Storti -Thank you Carolyn! 🙂

Trawling: for more opportunities to attend some workshops and conferences

Wanting: to fix the cracked screen on my phone

Looking: though old photos of my adventures last year

Deciding: if it’s meant to be it will be

Wishing: the year could slow down a bit as I haven’t quite yet achieved what I wanted

Enjoying: little moments away from everything, by myself a lot more than I would have last year

Waiting: to hear back from a few people

Liking: weekends where we get to chat and catch up

Wondering: what kind of life my kids and great grand kids will have… am i doing enough to plan and prepare for them?

Loving: that in my head everything will work out just fine

Pondering: when I will get that call as promised

Listening: to cars and boda-bodas zoom up and down the road

Considering: new possibilities and staying open to change

Buying: snacks and water for later

Watching: Casablanca later today (again) and episodes of Friends or

Hoping: things work out for us so we have a great start for 2018

Marvelling: at how we seem to be growing up so fast

Cringing: at how much I need to get done before I end the day

Needing: a new phone but seemingly attached to this one

Questioning: some of my decisions to trust a few people

Smelling: breakfast being made down stairs

Wearing: a maxi skirt and vest, with a red sweater

Noticing: I could a little more than I am currently doing

Knowing: that it is by doing several little things consistently that u will see progress

Thinking: about us working together as a team

Admiring: some small projects I’ve visited, that are making an impact for the children

Getting: up to plug in my laptop charger

Bookmarking: some cool events later this month that I hope to be a part of

Feeling: hopeful and determined

Pretending: I can handle all this

Embracing: big changes and dealing with them the best way I can

Happy new month,


Photos:Papa Shabani(@PapaShabani Photography)


  1. I’m a fan of Casablanca too! As for broken phone screens, mine has a light sabre effect on the side since I dropped it that I really need to sort out 😉

  2. nicely written. It is really good that you are following and sticking to your routine and things you like and want to do. Some time its tough and because of our laziness we miss it

  3. I love these! It’s always a good reminder to take stock of where we are, where we have been, and where we are going. Just curious have you read the 12 Week Year? I’m currently reading it and this has similar principles.

  4. I love this concept! I definitely don’t take stock enough, I feel like I’m always flitting my way through life and not paying attention. I love the way you’ve broken them up into small things, makes life seem a little less daunting. Plus, I love the photo! x

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