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scenic hike around lake bunyonyi


Carolyn, Kelsey, Frank and I spent a weekend in the calm surroundings of Lake Bunyonyi. I took a little longer than expected to piece this post together as I have been a lot busier lately trying to sort out my life goals and plans. Is anyone else going through the same? Trying to figure out how ...

travel outfit: lime dreams


There is so much one can do during a weekend gate-away, especially with such dreamy scenery! Zahara and I decided to explore the cottages at Arcadia as Gina and Agnes went on a walk to tour Lake Bunyonyi (Yes we’re still talking about the trip because it’s only been a week lol!) just two more ...

staying at arcadia cottages


  We had the pleasure of spending two free nights at Arcadia Lodges, located in Kabale on Lake Bunyonyi. If you follow me on Instagram, I have shared more in detail before about Uganda’s Natural Splendor here. If you have never heard of Arcadia Lodges, brace yourself for some of the most scenic island views, fields of green ...